How We Got Started

Those of you who follow The Packin Granny blog know I love to shoot.  It's an expensive habit if you shoot very often and I have always had a bit of a problem with sweeping spent brass down range after shooting. There was just something about the amount of cash spent on ammo and then watching all that brass disappear.  

Being female, I do shop from time to time and kept coming across some cute jewelry made from supposedly spent casings.  I kept thinking, "That doesn't look hard to make".  I've always had a creative streak that begs to be let out. 

That, my friends, was the beginning of Haute Brass Designs.  Instead of sweeping all that brass down range, I brought it home and started playing with different designs.  Luckily, I have someone who is better with mechanical tools than I am who was willing to take the time to develop a process for my madness.  My husband is the driving force behind the production and makes each piece I design by hand.  Without his knowledge of metals and appropriate tools, HBD would have never gotten off the ground.  After countless rejects, prototypes and outright mistakes, we found a process that allowed my creativity to be materialized.  Then, I began to wear what we created and started having people ask where they could get their own.  Well, of course, the next step would be to design a website, set up a business and go live.  Today, we did just that.  Haute Brass Designs is now live under The Packin Granny logo with a limited offering of only earrings to date.  The bracelets, necklaces and sets will be added during the month as we get them finished.

Each piece is hand crafted from the original cut of the casing to the final hand polish and each step in between.  I'm as proud of the simple bullet head earrings as I am of the intricately designed pieces we will be offering later.  We are also offering custom pieces.  Send me an email and let us design something unique for you.
We are also partnering with several other companies to offer you a variety of holsters, clothing, conceal carry purses and other firearm related gear.  We will be adding all of this as the month progresses and we get the details finalized.  

Keep an eye out for reviews of some of the holsters coming up next week.