Who is Packin Granny?

The Packin Granny is a woman on a mission.  The Packin Granny blog was the beginning, based on my love of firearms, training and all things related along with a passion for promoting the continuance of Second Amendment Rights for all Americans.  Now mix that in with a love for jewelry that promotes my strong belief in the Second Amendment and Haute Brass Designs was born.

As I traveled the path I began just a few short years ago, I found that I truly felt led to encourage and help train women in the use of firearms.  As I worked to become a certified instructor, with that came the need to educate women on products that really work for us.  I can personally vouch for every product I offer here at the store.  I have tried them and love them or I would not offer them to you.

We work with a variety of manufacturers to bring you "Granny's Picks".  We thank you so much for your reviews! 

Come on in and browse around.  If you see something you like but have a question, I am always just an email or phone call away.

Carry on,